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The 2018 Annual Report is now available:

Click image above to view the  SMS 2018 Annual Report

Click image above to view the
SMS 2018 Annual Report

“At SMS our vision is to guide each child, not just in the moment, but for life.

We pride ourselves on our wonderful learning community that nurtures each child supported by  our community that is made up of Staff and students as well as parents, carers and friends who support our School. 

Valuable lessons occur every day and in all sorts of places.  Our Teachers, who are so committed, know where to look.  These lessons occur formerly within the classroom and informally throughout the days, weeks and years whilst the students are in our care.  Education is not a point in time, a single incident or lesson.  It is not the result of a single teacher or group of students in a given year.  It is the culmination of all of us within the SMS community.  It is a journey and one which we hope will continue throughout the lives of our children. 

It is easy to forget as adults that our children in school are constantly learning new skills, undertaking new and exciting experiences and learning to take risks beyond their comfort zones – sometimes on a daily or weekly basis.  This is occurring in a supportive environment and it is what helps to build student resilience and confidence. “

Peter MacLean
SMS Principal

Enrolment Procedure

SMS Enrolment Procedure