The inquisitiveness of children

As you know, our school is growing very quickly and we now have applications

flowing in at a fast rate. Given the nature of our school, we are often approached by 

families with very interesting, intelligent and articulate young people. These children 

have often researched Montessori education with their parents and often come well 

prepared with questions for me. This week I had one such young person (10 years 

old) come in and we had a written exchange.  I thought I would share with you the 

type of questions I am often asked as well as my responses to them:


Does the school have a canteen? No. Children bring their own healthy lunches and 

snacks. However, we do a lot of cooking in our work cycle. Children cut up fruit and 

vegetables to share at snack time. Sometimes, children choose to cook a meal to 

share with the class. When this happens, they design their menu, find recipes, write 

a shopping list, go up to the shops (as a Going Out trip – see below) to do their 

shopping, bring it back, cook it, set the table and share the meal with their class.


How is Montessori different from Public School? See this link:


What are the most important subjects in Montessori? In Montessori schools the 

subjects that we study are: Maths, English, Geometry, Zoology, Botany, Sport 

(PDHPE), History, Geography (which for us includes Science), Music, Grace and 

Courtesy (welbeing studies), Art. They are all equally important.


What is the Montessori school bus used for? It is not really used at the moment, for 

various reasons. Also, given that we are near a train station, we tend to take the train 

for our excursion travel (and sometimes we hire buses as well).


Do children go on excursions? Yes! We go on lots of excursions and also on what 

we call ‘Going Out’ trips. Going Out trips are trips designed and organised by 

students for small groups based on something that they are studying or a project that 

they are working on. For example, you might be studying dinosaurs with a friend and 

want to visit the Australian Museum to look at their dinosaur exhibit. You might be 

doing this with 2 friends. You might then organise the trip, including figuring out the 

cost, how to get their and an adult to go with you. The adult’s job is to ensure your 

safety, but they do not help you in any way. The trip is fully designed and executed 

by the student. They are lots of fun! We believe that by going out into the world you 

are learning independence and responsibility, which we encourage.


Why is there no school uniform? We believe that each child should be respected for 

who they are and encouraged to express themselves and their own unique style. 

Clothing is one way in which human beings express their individuality.


How does a teacher or the school determine when a student can go up a level on a 

subject? A Student’s work is closely monitored by the teacher. When the teacher 

sees that the student is ready for the next lesson, they quietly invite the child and 

give them that next lesson.


I greatly enjoy my interactions with children. I have various young ‘penpals’ and am 

happy to answer any questions from children, anytime.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Raquel Charet